Mohonasen Happy New Year Masters Swim Meet – Schenectady, NY


I didn’t get much pool time ahead of this meet because of the pool being closed for holidays, being away for work, and other activities not allowing me to get there. I’d only made it to the pool 7 times in about 30 days and 3 of them were on Thursday & Friday right before the meet. I was feeling a little rusty but I was looking forward to competing.

I had 5 events on the schedule, 50 breast, 50 free, 200 breast, 100 free and 100 breast. I was worried about the 200 breast because I hadn’t gotten any practice doing it since my race in December so pacing myself was critical. I’d raced in this pool last year and didn’t do well so it was time to redeem myself.

My first event was the 50 Breast – 36.09 – 1st in AG, 2nd overall. My goggles were full of water so the whole race was a complete blur. It slowed me a bit going into both walls. I was hoping to go under 35 seconds but it wasn’t to be. Next up was the 50 Free – 30.07 – 2nd in AG, 6th overall. I got off to a good start but I took a breath about ¾ the way down. At that point I knew I wasn’t going to set a good time because I normally don’t breathe in the first 25 yards. I did an open turn and I think I breathed 3 times on the way back. I felt the fatigue in my arms and I slowed a bit going into the wall. I’d only gotten about 5 minutes or so between events and didn’t feel like It was enough time for me to recover.

This was a small meet which meant there wouldn’t be much time between some events because there wouldn’t be that many heats. Thankfully I got about 15 minutes before my next event, the 200 Breast – 3:18.34 – 1st in AG and 1st overall. There were only 3 participants in this race and it wasn’t even close. Not having anyone to push me I didn’t go as fast as I should have. The first 100 yards was so calm for me that I felt like this was going to be easy but after about 125 I couldn’t really stay under for long on my turns. Now I was breathing a little heavy but otherwise I was OK. On the last 25 yards, I turned it up thinking I could get a PR but I’d come up short by about 5 tenths of a second. I got about 15 minutes before my next event the 100 Breast – 1:23.94 – 1st in AG and 1st overall. Another event with no real competition so I just had to get in and get it done. At first I thought I had a PR because I was over 2 seconds under my seed time but then I remembered I done a 1:22 before so that was a little disappointing. My last even of the day was the 100 Free – 1:15.09 – 3rd in AG, 8th overall. I didn’t swim this one well at all. I only attempted 1 flip turn and It felt terrible. Each time I did an open turn I could see myself losing ground. When the guy told me I did a 1:15, I thought to myself, that’s a long way from the 1:11 I did a month ago.

Good thing I have plenty of time to get better before Nationals in June!!!



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