Half Full Races 5k – Rome,NY

Ugh, I felt like crap this morning! I got practically no sleep as the wind was howling blowing up against the house. I think I woke up 5 different times throughout the night. I had to get up at 6 to make the 7:45am race start time but at 5:20 I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I just got up. My body was sore from my swim the day before (it probably wasn’t good for me to swim 4000 yards the day before a race). I tried to eat a bowl of cereal but could only stomach a few spoonfuls. After getting dressed I just felt tired and nauseous, this was probably not going to be a good run for me!

The weather report had race time at 30 degrees and very windy but thankfully is was warmer at 40 degrees and only a little windy. It still felt cold, maybe because the sun was just starting to rise. I went for a little warm up run then got back in the car. I sat there and closed my eyes waiting for them to announce the start of the race. I had to make sure not to really zone out and miss the start so I kept taking quick peeks to keep myself alert. I heard them announce runners to the start line so I hopped out of the car and went to get in line. Turns out it was the start for the half marathon runners. Whoa, I definitely didn’t want to run that race…lol! It was a good thing that I went to the start line when I did as my good friends Lorrie and Steve were doing that race. I would have totally missed them had I not gone when I did. It’s always great to see them both!!! So I went back to the car to warm up and close my eyes for a bit more as I had another 10 minutes or so before my start.

It was finally time for my race, I still felt like crap but it was time to get it done. They were starting both the 5k and 10k runners at the same time so I had to be mindful of picking up the right place to split off from them. One of the bright points of the race was seeing one of my dear old friends Lynn, well maybe I shouldn’t say old, lol. We go back 25 or so years and none of my friends from back then run…at least none that I know of.

On the horn, I got into a decent pace out front but the course wasn’t going where I thought it was suppose to go so I slowed a bit and let a guy get ahead of me. Yup, we had to make a quick left turn then a right. I drove the course the day before but it was opposite of what the course directions were on the website. I stayed behind him letting him lead. We got to an arrow pointing off the road to a trial. We both came to a stop not knowing if we were supposed to turn. After more people ran up we all decided to just go for it. It was a newly paved path and was in great shape, except one downhill section that was covered in wet leaves. I thought for sure I was going to slip in them but I managed to get through it holding onto 3rd place which I was now in because of the stop at the entrance. I remained there until about the 2-mile mark, that’s the 10k runners had to split off. Once that happened I was in second. The guy in first wasn’t that far ahead of me but as he had just passed me right before the 2-mile mark. He was steadily gaining ground ahead of me so I didn’t think I’d be able to catch him. I took a peak back and didn’t see anyone so I knew I’d at least finish second. We had one hill to climb before the finish and oddly enough I was catching him (I don’t do well on hills). I tried to pick up my pace to run him down but instantly got a dry heave (pushing too hard) so I backed it back down and settled in for the second.

As I crossed the line I saw 23:30 and thought to myself “that’s slow”. Oh well, I figured it was the swim and the cramping I got in my legs towards the end of it. I told myself “dude, you just finished 2nd in a road race, your best finishing position ever”. That meant I would be getting an age group trophy but an overall trophy…COOL! After looking at my watch I discovered that it had me running 3.44 miles…my watch has never been off that much. That would explain my time…oh well, it’s all good!!!


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