Deerfield Skeleton Run – 5k trail run in Deerfield, NY

Even though this race is only a 5k it is a tough one for me because of the hilly terrain. It’s normally cold and wet and muddy but this year it was dry and reasonably warm. An early morning show worked it’s way through the area but it wasn’t enough rain to affect the course. I got off to a good start and was holding my own will all the young kids (the race get’s a lot of the local kids that run cross country on this course) out front but after the first set of hills, they all just pulled away. You always have to be careful running trail races as there were a few times I slightly rolled my ankle. I never hurt myself thankfully but it’s always a concern of mind that I could. My goal was to try and force myself to run those hills faster but I just couldn’t manage it. As I got close to the end of the race I got passed by few runners. One of the last runners to pass me was a young kid (I’d later find out he was 13). He went by me after we came off a hilly section. After it flattened out I was able to gain back on him and pass him. We were close to the last turn to the finish line and I guess he really wanted to beat me so he picked up his pace then went by me again. I said to myself, he’s a kid, let him go! Um, nope, no gimmie’s here so I took off after him. He made the turn and I was right behind him. He started to run faster and I ran right up on side of him. I saw him peek over his shoulder then he went into a sprint…hmm I thought to myself, “let me show him what a sprint is”, and I increased my stride length and pulled away from him. After crossing the finish line it was hard for me to slow myself down because my legs were aching. After I got out of the finish line shoot I turned to congratulate the young man on a good race but he was gone…I don’t think he was happy about getting beat to the line.

So I finished in 23:47, 27th overall out of 153, 1st in my age group. A few of the guys that I knew at the race were trying to get me to race next weekend…that I have to wait to decide!



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