AK5K – Marcy, NY

The AK5K is a 5k road race in honor of a young lady named Alexandra Kogut who tragically lost her life to domestic violence. It’s held in October during domestic violence month and is held to bring awareness and to take steps to end these senseless acts of violence! All proceeds from the race go to the Alexandra G. Kogut Memorial Fund. Alex’s parents distribute the funds to organizations that were close to Alex’s heart!

It was kind of cool out this morning for this race (car temp had it at 46 degrees) but it’s October in Central NY, it’s to be expected! The sun was trying to break through the overcast skies but it just wasn’t happening. The race had a 10am start time which gave it time to warm up but it didn’t happen during the race. My goal was to start fast and try and finish strong on the hill climb going into the finish line as I struggled on it the last 2 years I ran this race. I ran the first mile at a 6:13 pace, the second mile was 6:12 but that last mile which included that hill my pace fell to a 7:12. I got passed by one guy on that hill and had to kick in a full sprint to the finish to hold off a 12-year-old girl because she was tracking me down. There are some fast kids out there! So I finished in 21:14 in 9th place overall out of 228, 1st in my age group. One more race to go then I can rest my legs!


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