Turning Stone 10k

I got up this morning feeling unusually sore. You would think my body would be use to the abuse I put it though this late in the season but here I was gingerly getting out of bed. My butt was really aching so that 5k was a little harder on me than I’d thought. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t get through the 10K but I knew I wouldn’t be setting any PR’s.
I got to the venue early so I could sit and relax a bit. I also went up to the guy doing the time to get my name corrected on the timesheets…I would not be running as Dan today…lol. The skies were overcast and it was windy with the temp at about 70 degrees so the conditions were much better than the day before. There was talk about rain rolling in but it never happened during the race. As usual I went up to the front for the start of the race. On the horn I took off and was running along in 3rd running about a 6:20 pace. The guy in first took off with a blistering pace so I knew I couldn’t run with him. Not long after the start a guy passed me dropping me to forth. He had this really awkwardly looking running style that seemed more like a skip. I was thinking to myself there’s no way he going to be able to keep up that pace running like that. Sure enough I caught and passed him when we got to a slight uphill. But as I went by him another young guy went by me dropping me back to forth. Shortly after that we hit a steep downhill and that guy went right back by me doing the same skipping motion but with a longer stride, that has to be really hard on the knees. Again I knew I’d catch him after the next turn because it was a gradual uphill climb. It didn’t take long for me to pass him and after that I didn’t see him again for the rest of the race. I was by myself in 4th for most of the rest of the race but after I made the turn for the final mile I could see that a guy was gaining on me. I knew there was one final hill I had to get through before the home stretch and if I let it slow me like normal then I stood a chance of being caught. I was running at a 7:20 pace and knew I needed to at least hold it on the hill to maintain my gap. So I took a deeper breath and actually dropped my pace a bit on the hill. By the time I got to the top I was breathing hard but I’d increased the gap I had. I turned the last corner heading into the home stretch and that let me get a good look at how much of a gap I had on that guy. I knew he couldn’t catch me with the distance we had left but I decided to run faster to the finish line just in case he had a sprint in him.
So I crossed the line in 46:38 in 4th place overall out of 178 with a 7:31 avg. pace. Not my fastest 10k but a new overall finish PR. I finished 1st in my age group so I knew I’d have to stick around for the award ceremony.
Now I need to rest up because September is going to be a busy month!003

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